Choosing Profile Pictures

Choosing Safe Profile Pictures for Social Media

In today’s generation, profile pictures on social media are everything. From companies logging on to look up potential employees to individuals browsing the net to look for past friends, a profile picture can speak 1000 words.

“You need to put your best face forward”

First impressions online are everything and you only have a few seconds to grab the attention of an individual before they move on to the next profile. So what is the secret to a good profile picture? More importantly, what are potential partners, employees and clients looking for?

In order to ensure consistent branding it may be a good idea to change all your social media profile pictures to the same photo. This ensures that individuals looking to contact you recognise you on all social platforms. Research suggests that profile pictures should be professional; however, you also want to include part of your personality and personal style in there too right?

Follow these five tips in order to get the perfect professional profile.

  • Have a clear “simple” background

It is important to allow the background to fade out in order to let people focus on your face. Having an uncomplicated background allows you to be the focal point.

  • Your profile picture should feature exclusively YOU

Hire a professional photographer or get a skilled friend to take a head shot of you. It is advisable to stay away from profile pictures with friends or family as this does not look as professional and is distracting.

  • Use a head shot

It is critical to use a picture of yourself alone (head and shoulders). Do not post a picture of you doing an activity or hanging out with friends. Also, make sure that you display your eyes in the profile picture. This is very important and brings about an element of trust. This can be further explained in the article on the Social psychology of social media found here.