Parental Guide

Kids Ages 5 - 7

4 Apps to make for an easier trip with your 5-7 year old

If you’ve ever been in a car with a toddler those between the ages of 5-7 year old then you know that they never settle for long periods. Whether after a long car trip or for hours of air travel and if you don’t want screaming, crying babies on your hands. Mix things up for your kids to make for an easier travel with these apps that cover a wide variety of interests to keep everyone happy and occupied during the journey.

Kids First Aid app

The top mobile app made in Africa gives emergency information to parents when they need it. For when you’re travelling in a place where perhaps you don’t speak the language or when help is not easily reachable. The app was built in South Africa (SA) and won the 2013 MTN Business App award for best windows app.

Family car games

It’s definitely not all fun and games when you’re on a long road trip with your kids when they start getting agitated and bored in the car. Curb this problem by giving them something to occupy themselves with like Family car games. This app has 100 creative, fun and challenging games to keep kids entertained on a road trip and all with no equipment necessary.

Go! Travel South Africa

The Go! Travel South Africa app, from Go! magazine, is a one-stop resource for finding out everything about travelling in SA. Plan your trip, check accommodation on, and book restaurants, events and more.

The Tourism Radio City Guides app

Suitable for if you want to visit the top attractions all over SA as it features six South African areas: Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, the Cape Winelands, PE and the West Coast.

It gives you in-depth information about pretty much everything you’d want to know as a tourist in each area. Including sightseeing musts, entertainment spots, scenic highlights and the best places to stay and eat.

It’s GPS-based, and lets you know about nearby attractions as you approach them, so you won’t miss out on anything. It’s like having a tour guide in your pocket. A bonus of this app is that it works offline, so once you’ve downloaded it, you can use it without using any mobile data.