Parental Guide

Kids Ages 8 - 10

Parental Advice –Online safety for children aged 8-10

Raising children is no easy task. It takes love, patience, happiness, attention, encouragement and time. No one said it would be a walk in the park…but they did say it would be worth it!!

In today’s day and age, more and more parents are concerned about technology and the effects that it could have on their children. Everyone strives to raise good and well-rounded children…but with the negative aspects of the internet being omnipresent, it is something that could prove to be challenging.

Having a good support system at home is the number one factor that will contribute to your little one feeling safe, secure and satisfied with his or her goals and achievements. Susan Stiffelman, an educational therapist and author of Parenting without power struggles states that “the goal as a parent is to help your child feel competent and confident, and to help her/him develop a sense of passion and purpose”.

Between the ages of 8-10, your curious little one is interested in exploring the world around them. They begin developing their own morals and identity. At this age browsing the Internet, watching online videos and playing online games becomes a favourite pass time. Some children this age also begin using social network platforms despite the social user agreements that stipulate a child must be 13 years or older.

The dangers of children using online technology too soon

  • At the tender age of being 8 years old it is important to note that childrens critical thinking has not properly developed
  • Children are more likely to give out personal information online if asked enthusiastically
  • They are vulnerable to cyber-attacks, stalking and online predators
  • They may come in contact with alluring information and videos that children their age should not see
  • Children may also be prone to communicate with strangers and let them know where they live
  • They are at risk of being exposed to inappropriate websites

Safety Tips – what can you do to protect your child.

  • Communicate communicate communicate

It is critical to sit down and speak to your child about the threats and dangers that are online. Explain to them what could happen if they give our personal details to strangers, and let them feel proud for making the decision not to share their personal information. Let them know how much you respect and admire them for being such a big boy/girl