The risks of Social Media

What are the dangers of Social Media to the youth?

Megan Poore, author of the book Using social media in the classroom: a best practice guide posits that teachers who use social media services for teaching purposes should be cautious. Social media has the power to put your school and reputation at risk through exposing school practices, staff and students. Poore notes that this exposure includes “risks to privacy, confidentiality, copyright, data security and intellectual property ownership”.

Peter Muir, a speaker on social media and additional related topics discusses the risks schools and businesses face with social media accounts.

  1. Content can get posted that you did not want anyone else to see

It is important to remember that anything can be said and shared online. Company secrets, upset parents at school due to sports day being cancelled or a distressed customer due to lack of service can all put your reputation at risk.

It would be a good idea to have a social media policy. This way it will protect your company from topics that should not be discussed and content that should not be shared.

If any comments from upset customers make their way to your social media accounts it is crucial to address them as soon as possible (and never delete negative comments – you must respond to them in a positive and friendly manner).

  1. No participation on social media accounts

It is possible to create a social media account in order to get the community or neighbourhood involved with school activities and to help out at the school concert. However, it may not always work out the way that you anticipate. One should always consider the audience that you are aiming to involve. You need to take the type of content that you post into account and need to use the appropriate mediums to get your message across.

  1. Topics that you would like to discuss on social media get side tracked

It is common to want to discuss a particular topic online and someone posts a comment or picture that turns the conversation in the opposite direction that you indeed it to go.

You must remember to stay focused and brief in your posts. If you notice that the conversation is being hijacked simply, bring it back to the original topic and suggest that you all discuss the other topic tomorrow or next week.

  1. Remember to make security online a priority

It is common for viruses and threats to occur on technological devices (using social media or not). This is something that should be taken very seriously as breaches to information and confidential records could be at risk. Get in an IT expert to come and put an anti-virus on your computer. If you suspect that your computer or device may have been hacked then you must take action and turn off the device immediately.