Safe Downloading

Files from the Internet, need to know's

Downloading – the risks and what to do about it

The internet has given teenagers the freedom to do whatever they like. Most people are active users of the Internet and it is no surprise as anything can be done online; from homework, listening to music, finding information and even watching movies. The Internet has revolutionised the way we play and work and it has given us so many options, with online facilities such as communicating via email, sharing information through text messages and images, storing information, streaming television programs, films and videos, shopping online, social networking and even banking.

One additional feature that the Internet allows youth to engage in is downloading. Content they search for, watch or listen to can all be downloaded online. This is one of the biggest concerns for parents as piracy is a major offense. Content can be downloaded and uploaded by any individual who has access to an account on a torrent website.

The risks associated with torrents

Youth use torrent websites and software to download information. These downloads include, inter alia, movies, music and files. People do this because it is fast, easy and free. Although downloading things online does have its advantages, it also has dangers associated with it and this is where parents need to be hands-on with their children in order to educate and protect them.

What you need to know about torrents

Torrents can land your child in trouble with the law as Internet service providers are able to track online activities and in turn can find people that are downloading material illegally. Furthermore, viruses may also be present in downloadable files, which can damage or erase content on your computer. Remember that anyone downloading files illegally opens themselves up to cyber criminals. They do this because; with each file downloaded, they display the IP address. Hackers now have a chance to find you and create a malware to get access to your computer.

What can you do?

Now that you know the risks associated with downloading files illegally, as well as the potential dangers, here are a few steps that you can take in order to protect your child.

  • Change your router settings – by doing this you can monitor your child’s activities online
  • Software also allows you to monitor your child’s activities and allows you to set time frames for when you child can have internet access
  • You have the option to block downloads