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Films Your Kids Can Access

With the amount of inappropriate content and videos online, parents need a safe website in order to feel that they have ‘control’ of what their children are subjected too.

Parents and teachers will be happy to note that Safe Search Kids has collaborated with KidzSearch in order to deliver safe and friendly videos that are harmless and innocent providing children with hours of educational content and entertainment.

KidzTube takes video selection very seriously and only subject children to the best quality videos. Educators have carefully reviewed each video on KidsTube in order to ensure quality, safety, value and engagement. This is very different from the content found on YouTube and although YouTube does have a children’s channel, Caroline Knorr, author of the article What kids are really watching on YouTube, states “we all know that there’s a lot of age-inappropriate stuff, including ads, salty language, and even sex and violence”.

KidzTube has over 30,000 video titles in their library and it keeps growing every week. Some popular topics and subjects on KidzTube include English, fine arts, health, math, science, technology and social science.

Access KidsTube here

KidzTube additionally has content and videos that deal with emotional problems. These types of videos assist children in understanding how to behave with others and get along better with other children.

With the content being free to watch and compatible with desktop, laptops and mobile phones, all parents and educators should start using it. In addition to this, the KidzTube application has many built in features that enable parents and educators to set strict age-appropriate content settings as well as limited times for viewing videos.

Is it Ok To Download Movies Online?

Is it Ok To Download Movies Online?

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