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The best online resources to learn about Internet safety

As we know, the Internet is not always a safe place – for us, and especially for our children. However, there is a lot of valuable content out there, including sites dedicated to teaching people about digital safety and citizenship.

We suggest exploring the options below with your children to find the resource that best suits your learning and online needs.

  •  – this organisation uses real-life online criminal cases to offer challenging, fun and interactive simulations designed for young children. They will learn about different types of cybercrime as well as how to avoid becoming a cybercrime victim.
  • Wired– this site is geared to both parents and children. For parents, there is information on issues such as cyber bullying and social networking; and adults and children alike can seek help for issues such as cyber stalking, cyber abuse and online fraud.
  • – teens and parents can explore advice and guidelines related to sexting, social networking, cyber bullying, cybercrime and more.
  • – the resources and information on this site will help families navigate the world of online entertainment and make the right choices about what they watch, browse and play.
  • – a vital resource for teachers, policymakers and parents to give them the tools and information to be able to teach children about healthy and safe Internet use.
  • – this site allows the entire family to learn how to avoid online danger and create safe, positive Internet experiences.
  • – uses activities to teach internet safety to parents, guardians, educators, and law enforcement .