Social Media and Snapchat

Understanding Social Media and Snapchat

Perhaps all you know about Snapchat is that your teens use it? Here’s a quick Snapchat 101 to help you know how this mobile app works and how your children may be using it.

Snapchat is a video-messaging and photo-messaging app that first launched in 2011. What make Snapchat unique is that this photo and video content only last briefly before they self-destruct and disappear forever.

What can you do on Snapchat?

  • Capture a video or a brief photo then share it on the app
  • You can also add a caption or doodle
  • These can be shared to a friend, or added to a snapchat ‘story’

How does it work?

  • A snapchat ‘story’ shows your uploaded content from the last 24 hours. This can be broadcast to the world or only to your followers
  • You can send snaps directly to your friends, who will be able to view them for 10 seconds

The low-down on the lingo

  • Snapchatters: People who use Snapchat
  • Snaps: Videos or photos taken with Snapchat
  • Snapback: A reply to a snap
  • Story: A snap that can be broadcast to followers and viewed for 24 hours. You can post a number of snaps to your story in a day and access it from the Stories screen
  • Snapcode: Located at the centre of your profile screen, snapcodes are scannable codes that make it easier to add new Snapchat friends
  • Scores: An equation that combines the number of snaps sent and received, posted stories and other factors that give you a score (find this under your snapcode)
  • Chat: the chat feature allows you to send direct messages to other Snapchatters
  • Video chat: A feature within Cha that allows you to live video call that your friend can either ‘Join’ (you can hear and see each other) or ‘Watch’ (you can’t see your friend, but they can hear and see you)
  • Snapstreak: If you see different emojis next to a friend’s name in the Chat screen, this means you’re on a Snapstreak and have sent snaps to one another within 24 hours for more than one day in a row
  • Lenses and filters: special effects and sounds which can be added to your snaps