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We all know what spam is…and we all don’t like it. Those unwanted electronic messages in your inbox which includes, inter alia, advertising, instant messaging, web search spam, blogs spam and social media spam.

Why do we get spammed?

Spamming continues to happen due to the fact that advertisers have no operational costs beyond their mailing lists, and it is extremely difficult for the receiver of spam to hold the sender responsible, thus, the low cost of advertising and the hope that people will actually read what is sent keeps spam coming.

What can you do to get rid of spam (or at least minimize how much spam you receive)

  • Sign up for Gmail 

    Yes, that’s right. Your mailbox can be spam free with Gmail. Sound to good to be true? Well Gmail reduces unwanted emails that pop up in your inbox. It does this by examining prolific creators of spam and in turn places these mails straight to your spam folder. Gmail also has a promotions folder which is used for advertisements. So you can access this folder if you want to look at any of the specials or see what is on offer.

  • Unsubscribe 

    Remember to click unsubscribe if you no longer want to receive specific e-mails. Be sure to follow all the steps in order to ensure you unsubscribe successfully.

  • Blacklist spammers 

    You have the power to block emails from selected senders. When you choose to blacklist a domain, the server or the sender will not be able to contact you again.

  • Spam filters work 

    You have the option to get software and programs in order to filter spam. These offer you the most protection and are very reliable.

  • Report report report 

    It only takes a few seconds to report a spam message. Once you report the problem Gmail will address it.

  • Change your e-mail address 

    Changing your e-mail address will also help eliminate spam from your inbox. This may seem drastic, but unfortunately it is sometimes the best way to make a fresh start.