About SISA

Safer South Africa is a digital literacy outreach programme brought to you by Safer Schools and the Film and Publication Board (FPB). Safer Schools and the Film and Publication Board (FPB).

The aim of this website is to provide you – provide parents, teachers, guardian, caregivers and mentors – with the information you need to educate yourself about safe internet usage so that you can pass on this information to the children of South Africa to help them lead happy, productive and positive online lives.

We’ll give you the valuable information, tools and facts you need to help make the internet a safer place for South African children.

Robust sharing of information leads to public empowerment of adults and children alike, so we encourage you to spend time browsing the site for articles of interest, content of concern, and simply learn more about the influential tool that governs much of our lives in the 21st century – the internet. We cover a wide range of topics, from cyberbullying to sexting, all with the goal of informing, educating and inspiring you to take action when it comes to online safety.

All this for free, because we care… and so should you. As guardians of South Africa’s children, it’s our job to empower them to make informed choices. And remember…knowledge is power; and communication is leadership.