Digital Security

As parents, teachers or guardians, we want to raise the children of South Africa, the new generation, as best as we can. It’s our duty to keep our children and teens safe, give them the tools to advance in their lives, and to help them to grow up into stable and successful adults. In today’s technological world, part of achieving this goal involves teaching them and caring for them in the digital world.

For children of today, the ‘digital world’ is their world, and digital parenting is part of our duty as adults. This involves:

  • Listening to their concerns and worries in their online lives
  • Guiding them about what is right and wrong
  • Setting boundaries
  • Agreeing on and enforcing rulesJust as we do for all other matters of life.

When it comes to digital security, there’s never been a more important time to be extra vigilant about internet safety. Cybercrime is on the rise, and as we raise our little online beings, we need to make them aware of the dangers involved and how to avoid becoming a victim.

A study by Norton revealed that almost 9 million South Africans have been victims of cybercrime; a figure that is certainly set to rise as internet usage increases nationwide.

In this section of the site, we’ll discuss cybercrime – the many different types and how to spot and avoid threats – as well as other digital security matters such as passwords and parent control software.

Just like teaching a child how to cross the street, teaching them about digital security, setting boundaries about internet use and giving them a platform for discussion about these issues is our responsibility.


Protecting your passwords online

Passwords unlock the internet for us, and allow us to access communication, information and commerce, but can we teach our kids to protect their passwords?

Cyber Security

Understanding Cyber Security

Cyber Security has become big business online, as the internet grows and becomes more complex, so does the exploits exposing us and our kids. Read more...

Parental Control Software

Control their online access

We look at some of the software options available for parents and schools to enforce policies and values. This software allows you to limit online access.
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