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Being a parent has never been easy, as you try your utmost to give your children the best upbringing you can, and turn them into successful and responsible adults.

These days, parenting has a whole new dimension and its difficulties – digital parenting, which forms just as an important part of your duties as a parent as teaching your children the difference between right and wrong.

In fact, new research from Kaspersky Lab and B2B International revealed that almost half (47%) of parents in South Africa believing that the threats facing their children online (such as cyberbullying and exposure to inappropriate content) are increasing. However, the respondents also admitted that only 38% actually guide their children by talking to them about the potential threats; and 24% of adults do nothing to protect their kids from Internet threats. These statistics need to change.

Even State Security Minister David Mahlobo says parents should keep a close eye on their children’s social media activity, admitting that he monitors the sites that his own children visit: “We give our children all these gadgets. We just have to be vigilant. Parents must be more watchful,” he says.

When it comes to digital parenting, it’s important to be involved in your children’s technological lives right from the start. Be there when they receive their first digital devices, guide them as they create social media profiles, and advise all along about what kind of online behaviour is acceptable and unacceptable, just as you would for other aspects of their lives.

Getting involved in your children’s digital lives opens the door for constructive discussion about what goes on online, which is one of the most important ways to ensure that your children stay safe and grow up as good digital citizens.

In this section of the site, we’ll help you as parents to navigate the maze of digital parenting, providing advice along your children’s online journeys; from ages 5-7, 8-10, 11-13, and 14+. Parents need not be powerless – you’ll find that there are many simple yet positive things you can do to protect the young people in your care.

General Advice

General parental advice focused on digital literacy and online safety.

Ages 5 - 7

As parents we have to help educate our children on the digital platforms and devices, which has access to the internet. These are tip for kids ages 5 - 7.

Ages 8 - 10

Parental advice for parents with children ages 8 - 10

Ages 11 - 13

Parental advice for parents with children ages 11 - 13

Ages 14 +

Parental advice for parents with children ages 14 +

Fact Sheets for Parents

Facts and research pertaining to digital literacy and online safety for kids.