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The World Wide Web can be a wonderful resource for children and young adults, providing a platform for them to explore the world around them, learn in interactive ways, stay in touch with their peers, and have a lot of fun.

However, as we know, the internet has a ‘dark side’ of danger, crime, pornography and other content that can be harmful or is simply or appropriate for our children (or for anyone, for that matter).

According to Internet World Stats, there are 3,731,973,423 internet users worldwide (almost 50% of the entire world’s population); and there are over 1 billion websites. With these kinds of numbers, it’s impossible for all users and sites to have good intentions.

In this section of the website, we’ll uncover how to identify the safe resources for your child’s internet activity, including film, health, online gaming, sport, and the world in general.

There are also a number of tools that parents can use to encourage safe internet usage, such as web rating systems, safe searching settings, monitoring software and time-limiting software.

Armed with the knowledge of how to identify sites that are safe, and how to prevent access to unsafe sites, you can feel more confident that your child is using the internet for positive interactions and learning.

Online Gaming

Safe Games to Play Online

We scoured the internet to find some safe resources for your kids to access. These include online games and activities, that will stimulate and teach them.


Safe Film for Kids

Kids love watching tv, or streaming movies on their devices, but how can you ensure they find only the wholesome content meant for kids? We find resources.


Learning About Health Topics

The internet is an amazing resource for education, for visitors of all ages. We try to find safe resources for your kids to learn about health, see them...


World Education for Kids

Use the amazing resources available online for your kids to learn about the world. We find safe resources for your kids to visit, check them out here...


Child Safe Sport Education

Check out these kid safe resources to teach kids more about sports. We continually browse for new sites and tips that will help you educate your kids.

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