Teacher Advice

The internet can be a wonderful resource for children and teens throughout their school lives, allowing them to do research, experience new technologies and new ways of learning and experiencing, play interactive games and communicate with teachers and classmates.

But this access to a world of information can also pose many hazards that we as teachers need to be aware of so that we can educate and protect the children in our care. It’s also our duty to become aware of what children are seeing and doing online.

This section of the site is geared towards teachers who:

  • Need to make sense of a daunting digital world – one that’s used in the classroom and out
  • Are concerned how to keep children safe in this digital world
  • Wanting to understand what makes kids today so attracted to technology and social media
  • Want to help young people become tech-savvy and responsible users of media and digital citizens
  • Would like to bridge the digital divide between generations

To empower students to remain connected while staying safe and developing into responsible digital citizens, teachers need bridge the digital divide by understanding the attraction of social media and technology, how communication is changing, and how technology is changing the world – both inside and outside the classroom.

Spend some time reading these articles to give yourself a step-up in terms of student internet safety. After all, even teachers can still have a lot to learn.